Training and Development

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training and development

Good training and development programs helps organizations retain the right people as they will in turn grow the organization. As it is becoming increasingly more difficult and competitive to get the right talent, employee training and development programs are more important than ever. Hiring the right talent takes time and money, and how you engage and develop that talent from the time they are first on-boarded impacts retention and your business growth.

training and development

One of the key players in achieving business goals are people. People are an organization’s greatest asset, so developing their skills is imperative to retaining great employees.
Alexander George Consulting works with organizations to understand their culture and determine specific training needs. Through our practical approach, employees develop skills they can put to use quickly and effectively.

Here’s How We Create Effective Training

Analyze Skill Gap

We will carry out A Training/Skills Needs Assessment that looks at employee and organizational knowledge, skills, and abilities, to identify any gaps or areas of need that needs to be developed to help individuals and the organization accomplish their goals and objectives.

Design Learning Strategy

Design and develop your training to meet the company’s overall goals. Keeping business goals in focus ensures training and development makes a measurable impact.

Deliver Training

We proceed to deliver the topics/courses mapped out for learning. This could be done in a number of ways- classroom, one-on-one or online. Our unique approach to delivering training ensures that the exercise is effective and sustainable to create performance improvement over time.

Evaluate Effectiveness

Employees’ need for training and support don’t end when they get back to work. In fact, continued support is required to ensure that initial training sticks. Measurable learning objectives are the foundation for you to evaluate an initiative’s impact.

Our Areas of Specialty

  • Staff coaching and mentoring from industry specialists.
  • General training courses. Consistent with our continuous improvement philosophy, we have segmented the structure of our training to address three basic areas of organisational learning – business fundamentals, supervisory / management development and organisational development.
  • Custom made training to address your business strategy. Our training professionals spend time understanding your requirements, assessing your working environment, and tailoring our programs and resources to deliver specific outcomes for your organisation and staff. The courses we offer incorporate cutting-edge techniques in adult learning and hands-on activities developed from internationally recognized and qualified training staff.
  • Strategic reviews on the competence levels of staff and their alignment with the strategic objectives of the organisation. Our assessment also reviews the outcomes of current and previous training to determine gaps and opportunities.

What Some of Our customers say

“A 1 day, 5 hour class turned out to be a life saver. I’ll give it to Alexander George and their Facilitators.”

Michael Edun

“Effective and affordable courses. The mode of training was absolutely effective. I’ll highly recommend you guys.”

Titilayo Ogunnaike

“My staff turned out the better after a couple of training with Alexander George. And of course, this has improved the company’s bottom line tremendously”

Chima Ofordile

“Affordable and impactful. Real value delivered”

Mabel Essang

Why Choose Us

  • Our Consultants and Trainers specialize in the areas of Leadership and Management Development; Governance; Strategy and Organizational Change; Communication; Senior Mentoring and Coaching; Brand Development; Business Development and Marketing.
  • Our people are experienced at ensuring that our interventions, whether short-term consultancy or longer-term training programmes, are engaging, cost-effective and inspiring. We recognize that people are an organization’s biggest asset and we are passionate about developing organizations through their people. Working with a wide range of SMEs, we are adept at bringing the best elements from each sector to inform our learning interventions.

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