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We help organizations improve on their performance and become a better place to work by aligning and integrating strategy, structure, processes, people and rewards to produce the capability needed for results at the individual, group/team, and system/organization level.

We design solutions and experiences that impact the bottom line as well as an organization’s over all effectiveness .

Do you know that there are sustainable ways that will lead to positive and progressive changes in your company?

Businesses and organizations are facing new challenges with economy weakness, technology advancements, diversified workforce, skill shortages, and globalization. We help business leaders align people, structure and processes through practical strategies resulting in growth enabled environment. With our systematic approach and our process management, the strategy is realisticchallenging and supported.

We help to establish and optimize business processes via developing performance metrics, improving organizational structure, developing an effective organization process model that will drive business growth. We carry out a process audit and give professional recommendations ensuring value creation through more efficient process execution.

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Poor Sales
  • Disorganization
  • No Customer Loyalty
  • Rampant Inefficiencies
  • Low Morale
  • Ineffective Processes
  • High staff turnover

This is the usual outcome of our organization consulting/restructuring exercise:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Productive employees
  • Organizational flexibility
  • Product and service quality
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Profits (cost reduction or revenue generation)
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Job, work, and life satisfaction
  • Scalable and customer centric processes
  • Innovation
  • Growth and expansion
  • Over all effectiveness
  • Reduced absenteeism

Our Approach


We facilitate a comprehensive assessment of your organization to understand how it functions, its strengths and weaknesses, and alignment to your core ideology and business strategy. The assessment/evaluation process is astounding in the clarity it brings an organization’s leaders and members, not only regarding how the organization currently works but how the various parts are interrelated, its overall state of health and, most importantly, what needs to be done to make improvements. We use a set of tools to assist us in establishing the root cause of the challenges being faced. Such tools can consist of: Staff and Leadership Interviews Job Shadowing Pre-Intervention Assessments Culture Surveys Customer Satisfaction Surveys Engagement and Alignment Surveys Field Visits Focus Groups Mystery Shopping Psychometrics Middle-Management Level Staff Briefing


We proceed with the information uncovered in the evaluation phase and your desired objectives, and go to work on developing/designing a customized solution aimed at making an impact and achieving measureable results. This process includes such decisions as: defining your basic organizing principle; streamlining core business processes—those that result in revenue and/or deliverables to customers; documenting and standardizing procedures; organizing people around core processes; defining tasks, functions, skills, accountabilities and performance metrics for each department/team; identifying headcount necessary to do core work; determining facility, layout and equipment needs of various teams and departments throughout the organization; identifying support resources (finance, sales, HR, etc.), mission, staffing, etc. and where should these should be located; defining the management structure that provides strategic, coordinating and operational support; improving coordinating and development systems (hiring, training, compensation, information-sharing, goal-setting, etc.).

Implement and Sustain

At this phase, we supervise the implementation of the solutions that we have developed across board. This will impact people(workers and customers), and processes- the two most important factors of restructuring, which will in turn impact on the organizations set objectives. Throughout the entire implementation process, goals are set and achieved or adjusted based on experience and new business realities. The entire process is dynamic and flexible and it is not uncommon to see course adjustments throughout the process. In order to achieve long-term success, a Sustainability Report highlighting the internal interventions required is provided to the key stakeholders within your organization, and continued support can be provided from our team.

Our organization consulting team (the structure/restructure team) is comprised of our Lead and Supporting Consultants, Instructional Designers, Performance Development Consultants and Project Management Consultants, all working together to design and deploy a unique journey that is then validated against your specific needs.

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