Plan. Execute. Achieve

A business strategy is a master plan that the management of a company implements to secure a competitive position in the market, carry on its operations, please customers and achieve the desired goals of the business. The plan concisely details and describes how an organization plans to achieve their goals.  

The reason why having a strategy is so important is because it conceptualizes how a business is performing, the capabilities of the business, and if these capabilities are able to help the business grow.

Our Strategy Development Process

A great way we know to get started is by having a focused strategic planning meeting.

  1. We assess the performance of the current strategy to decide whether the strategy must be adapted or a new strategy must be developed
  2. We Identify threats and opportunities using a macroeconomic analysis, an industry analysis and a competitor analysis.
  3. We identify strengths and weaknesses of the structure, culture processes, people and performance of the organization.
  4. We relate the strengths and weakness of the internal analysis to the threats and opportunities of the external analysis.
  5. We develop strategies that use the internal strengths to play into external opportunities and mitigate weaknesses and threats.
  6. We choose the strategy using scenario’s in which external developments are translated in financial and organizational consequences.



We help our clients develop an innovative strategy that creates sustainable value for customers, employees, external stakeholders and society. We conduct a fact-based strategic analysis of the external environment, the internal organization and the current strategy of the organization to develop a strategy for our clients. We help our clients work out a strategy that fits the current organization most and allows the organization to achieve its long term strategic goals.

  1. Develop the Strategy: Strategy execution starts with developing a sound, clear and executable strategy. No execution can save a flawed strategy.
  2. Execute the Strategy: After the strategy is developed it must be executed. Even the best strategy is useless without execution. This is where most strategies fail.
  3. Engage the People: Every organization, strategy and execution is only as good as its people. People make a strategy a reality.
  4. Align the Structure: The structure of an organization must be aligned to its strategy. Design a clear and decentralized structure that supports the strategy and its execution.
  5. Change the Culture: The culture and core values of an organization must support the strategy. Create a safe culture that stimulates cooperation and innovative behavior.
  6. Build Control System: Build a planning and control system that monitors and controls the execution and a reward system that motivates and rewards people to execute the strategy.


We help our clients execute their strategy to achieve results and gain sustainable competitive advantage. We plan the execution, support the actual execution and monitor and control its progress. We help translate the strategy into concrete objectives, activities and responsibilities, mobilize the people who have to execute the strategy, align the strategy and the structure, culture and processes of the organization and build systems for rewarding and monitoring the strategy and execution.

Many organizations struggle to translate their strategy into concrete results. We empower organizations to successfully develop and execute their strategy

Execution is the ability to mesh strategy with reality, align people with goals, and achieve the promised results.

For a strategy plan to be successful there has to be alignment at three different levels:
  1. Leadership.
  2. Vision, Mission and Strategic priorities.
  3. The rest of the organization: from the top down and the bottom up.

Without an Aligned Strategy, you risk wasting time, money and energy. Employees will not be engaged, you will have communication gaps at all levels, and your strategic execution will suffer.

why strategy

Gives Direction – One of the biggest benefits of a strategic plan is the direction it can give your organization. Setting out a well-planned business strategy will ensure your entire organization is working towards the same goals and instills a sense of shared responsibility amongst employees.

Creates a Measure For Success – Business strategies allow you to measure your organization’s performance and growth against your desired goals. Are you achieving what you had hoped to achieve within the stipulated timeframe? If not, why? Following a business strategy will allow you to measure success and better identify areas that require improvement in future.

Increases Adaptability – In our current innovation-focused society, businesses need to be responsive to change. An effective business strategy will allow your organization to predict and meet the changing demands of the current market. By analyzing and reviewing customer’s expectations and needs, businesses can better identify new market trends and adapt their strategy as required.

Drives Decisions – Strategy is what drives decisions in business. By helping organizations identify their strengths and weaknesses, an effective strategy will help you decide where your efforts and resources are best spent. These decisions are crucial in ensuring your business has a profitable and sustainabl

An effective business strategy should clearly identify where your business is headed and create cohesion within an organization to achieve the target goals. 

It should not only define the destination but also set out the best route and provide the tools with which to measure progress along the way. It is critical to continually assess progress and if warranted,  realign your strategy and your business.

Why Choose Us as Your Strategy Consultant

  • We make strategy development and execution easy for you and your team by adapting our process to how your team works.
  • Not only can we help you with creating your strategic plan, we will also cascade the plan to other teams and departments, keeping your team accountable to the execution.
  • Our strategy development approach has been used in dozens of different industries around the world and helps teams get focused, aligned and bought-in to your strategic plan quickly. This means you spend less time planning and more time doing.
  • Exceptional value: We know the potential benefits that you will receive from working with us and we price our services fairly. We want to deliver lasting impact and be partners in your success.


Our Pricing


1 Day Strategy Meeting With Strategic Roadmap
=N= 60,000
  • • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • • Competition analysis
  • • Vision, Mission and Values
  • • Risks and roadblocks
  • • Key issues to your organization
  • • Strategic priorities and action plans


2 Days Strategy Meeting With Implementation Support
=N= 110,000
  • Receive all the benefits of the solopreneur strategy meeting plus:
  • • Marketing plan
  • • 2 months of implementation support
  • • Monthly accountability sessions with leadership team
  • • For a maximum of 2 members of staff


3 Days Strategy Meeting With Training and Support
=N= 170,000
  • Receive all the benefits of the SME strategy meeting plus:
  • • On-site one day training session on leadership for up to 5 members of staff
  • • A comprehensive strategy assessment
  • • On-site monthly strategy meetings for 2 months
  • • For a maximum of 5 members of staff


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