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performance management

The performance of an organization is determined largely by the contribution of every employee. Do your employees understand what is expected of them? How do you ensure they take responsibility for their performance at work? 

An effective performance management system has a clear objective of aligning employees, company’s mission/vision, core values and processes for the overall purpose of achieving set goals.

The Benefits of an Effective Performance Management System

Performance management lets you involve your employees, as individuals and as part of a group, in improving organizational effectiveness, as you all work to accomplish your organization’s vision and strategy.

A well established performance management program provides the foundation necessary for you to achieve your vision and strategy. Let us help you build this foundation.

Some of the benefits of an effective performance management system includes amongst many:

  • Increased focus on driving business results: Since all goals are aligned, an employee’s day-to-day work supports the company’s mission. This promotes year-round focus on key business results and driving profitability.
  • An empowered and engaged workforce: Engaged employees stay longer, actively involve themselves in the workplace and produce better results. Keeping an employee engaged is key to boosting pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and maximizing ROI. Performance management, done well, is a vital tool for having engaged employees.
  • Detailed knowledge of talent: With insight into your workforce’s skills and abilities, you can ensure all employees are getting the direction, feedback, and development they need to succeed. You can identify high and low performers, and track and evaluate the effectiveness of employee development activities.
  • Create development strategies: Continuous performance management means you are proacatively developing employees. You are regularly discussing their strengths and what skills or behaviors need development. By combining this with flexible personal development objectives, businesses can cultivate talent in a way that is simply not possible with once or twice a year appraisals.
  • Ensure workplace clarity: Studies have shown that about 50% of employees aren’t clear on exactly what their role within the workplace is or what goals they are trying to achieve.

    This is another reason why effective performance management is important as it can eliminate employee ambiguity and confusion. Having regular, future-focused conversations through continuous review processes helps to ensure that employees are clear on everything that they are supposed to be doing and what is expected of them.

performance management consulting

How We Come In

We will assess your current processes and design a system to suit your business needs. We will create position descriptions for your employees that provide clear insight into their responsibilities and expectations. We’ll help you create a simple, objective way to offer feedback to employees. They’ll always know where their strengths lie and the specific ways they can improve to become even stronger. Finally, we guide you in ensuring performance is evaluated consistently and fairly organization-wide.

This is done in an integrated way, aligning the performance management process with business strategy and organizational systems.

We also believe it is crucial to have your workforce on board from the outset. Which is why will develop the appraisal processes in consultation with your staff. We will also be on hand to be present at the appraisals as well. Furthermore, with the aim of achieving best practice, we can develop bespoke processes and documentation, as well as conduct the training of your managers.

Results You Can Expect

WITH an Effective Performance Management System in place

performance management

WITHOUT an Effective Performance Management System in place

performance management


Contact us to set up your bespoke performance management system and watch your business take a turn for good.

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