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payroll management

Payroll is an important and integral component of any organisation. The payroll department is responsible not only for managing employees’ salaries and compensation packages, but also for ensuring timely compliance with various tax legislations in accordance with the respective laws and acts to protect the company’s reputation.

We provide a one-stop payroll consulting service for our clients with focus on convenience, statutory compliance and documentation.

As your HR Business Partner, we aim to offer you flexibility and streamline payroll outsourcing services at competitive prices. Our goal is to help you achieve tangible benefits in the areas of cost savings, employee turnover, as well as increase service level performances. We also ensure compliance with regulations governing payroll administration as at when due or required.

We help you in payroll process for existing and new employees including arrears calculation, preparing final settlement of employees, preparing salary reports, managing attendance and leave records, calculation of leave bonus, overtime and generating monthly salary reports etc. If your employees have any queries related to their salaries, reimbursement or taxes they can get in touch with us and our team would render endless support.

By examining your organization’s strategy, we will design and implement sustainable solutions to high employee turnover and other related pay/salary issues.

Our Payroll Management Services Includes:

  • Incentive systems
  • Payroll accounting and administration
  • Computation, deduction and remittance of statutory taxes and other obligations
  • Compensation structures
  • Salary surveys
  • Job evaluation, job ranking and grading design

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll Management To Us


  • Efficient processing of payroll and reimbursements
  • Customized reports useful for management review and planning
  • Risk management on payroll-related matters
  • Timely tax and statutory compliances related to income tax (PAYE) and other statutory taxes
  • Timely compliance with statutory deductions where applicable such as pensions
  • Compliance with labour and tax laws


  • Real-time access to compensation details
  • Access to payslips which would detail deductions made
  • Security and confidentiality in maintaining individual data

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