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Our Objective

The objective of our Graduate Finishing Service is to equip graduates of higher institutions in Nigeria with employability and entrepreneurial skills required to give them an edge in the ever broadening labour market.

Our mission is to address the high unemployment rate for graduates in the country by enhancing soft skills and other important skills in the workplace, with the ultimate goal of enabling these demographic to secure jobs and excel in professional settings.

We offer a 3 days training program with a comprehensive curriculum that includes corporate communication skills, business writing skills, computer and Internet use, analytical and reasoning skills, basic accounting, personality development, time management, leadership, teamwork, and office etiquette. Training in corporate structures, etiquette, and office relationships further prepares graduates for transitions into the corporate business space. Once graduates finish the course, we provide career counseling and job placement assistance. 

We also offer other services designed to add value to your life after graduation such as:

CV Writing

Do you know about the 10 seconds rule? Can you get the attention of a recruiter within 10 seconds of looking at your CV? With the employment ratio of 1 job:500 applicants, employers and recruiters do not have the luxury of time to go through your CV word for word. We offer CV writing/rewriting services to graduates who desire to stand out and gain an edge.

Social Media Optimization

Social media has become a powerful tool and Employers and Investors have added this tool as a filtering yardstick or factor. We can help you optimize your social media profiles to boost your chances of landing that job or setting up that business.

Personal Profile Development

We have found that 70% of graduates are not prepared for life after school. Let us help you identify key elements of your strengths, identify the opportunities that abound around your strengths and build a story around your authentic self.

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